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Thank you for your comments Rob and Ilene. I\'m glad I didn\'t purchase a vacation plan.

I had checked the Michigan Better Business Bureau and also googled \"Vacation Choices\" prior to going to the sales pitch. There really wasn\'t anything bad about them on the internet at that time. I felt the prices were very high and I told them I can do better on my own. I left thinking I was to get the \"Free Tablet.\" I\'ve since purchased one.

My goal is to get information out about \"Vacation Choices\" to stop them from scamming people.

I couldn\'t find an open blog at their site or other sites to get my experience out there. I\'m open to suggestions.

Original review posted by user Apr 13, 2012

Received an invite to listen to Vacation Choices sales pitch with the promise that I will receive a 7" tablet, or netbook and a digital camera. Upon leaving I asked for and received the certificate to get the promised items.

My costs would be $9.95 for shipping and handling per item. I was quoted that amount on the phone twice when making my appointment and twice when receiving the certificate. I was required to get my "Activation Confirmation Form" by going to a web site and following instructions. I then printed and filled in the form(s) and had to mail the form(s) and a copy of my Driver's license, stamped self-addressed envelope within 5 days by certified mail ($4.55 per item (tablet & camera)).

Approximately 50 days later I received the next steps. Those steps had you jumping through hoops again and paying a $9.95 Activation Fee and a $49.99 non-refundable shipping and handling charge. Money must be sent through an International Certified Money Order payable to Electronics Claim Center, P.O. Box 4110 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034.

For an extra $20.00 I could put a rush on the order as it will take a total of 120 days to receive my item(s).

This is totally fraudulent. Consumer is told their total cost will be $9.95 shipping and handling when ultimately, it costs well over $65.00 per item. Needless to say I can purchase a comparable tablet for $85.00 today.

I believe Vacation Choices needs to be truthful when telling future customers what their costs will be overall. They are giving themselves a very poor reputation.

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good luck there a bunch of scammers! We got scammed out of 10K


My husband and I attend their seminar on the vacation packages they were trying to get you to buy in to. We opted out with the promise of 2 plane tickets and 2 nights in a hotel.

Of course when it came time for me to look into it so I could get our plane tickets and hotel vouchers, there were all kinds of hidden fees!

So much for our "free" plane tickets and hotel nights! Very disappointed that I waste dour time to listen to their sales pitch and get nothing in return!


We went to the presentation. We bought into the club. Then we tried to cancel after the first time we tried to use it. I say tried because every vacation I researched I found cheaper on line for free. (We paid $6000 for the privilege of being ripped off)When I called them for the price match + 10% and were told just to book with the cheaper one I found on line.

Sales Presentation:

The product was represented _mostly_ honestly. They led us to believe that they could get better prices on every type of expenses related to travel, including car rental and air fare (and I even thought they had attraction tickets - no). But when I called the "travel advisers" after I bought in, complaining that I found flights to Jamaica cheaper at other online sites than they were offering, the adviser was like - "no, we don't do any better on airfare and car rental. The best deals are cruises and resorts".

We did not experience high pressure sales. We did have several different sales people talk to us at the presentation, but they were all decent folks. Maybe they were friendly because we were interested in buying.

Products Available:

After we bought in we went to the website and checked out the deals. I also had been researching Fort Myers Padre Island deals for a family vacation, and found we could get similar housing deals (or better) online as were available at Vacation Choices - so again, no killer deals. Also, their website is difficult to navigate: it's very difficult to figure out which resorts offer what" - you have to click like 3 times to get to the details of a resort, then read the amenities, then click back out again to choose a different resort, etc.

Finally, I searched for deals at places I know my family wants to visit: Wisconsin Dells, Mount Rushmore - no decent deals - Mount Rushmore just had like 3 hotels listed - I can get better deals with tripadviser. The WaterPark of America had the same deals on their website as Vacation Choices offered over the phone - but it was hard to understand which room was being offered over the phone, and easy to navigate WOA's website.


Since it didn't seem to be a good fit for the kind of vacations we like to take, we decided to cancel. You have 10 business days to cancel. Didn't try to book anything in the first 10 days so didn't realize what a ripoff it is until it was too late. We paid $6000 for our membership have read online that others have paid $1900 for same plan. We also have to pay $240/ year for the rest of our lives to be able to use the plan.

If you are retired and can travel last minute there may be some small benefit to joining (of course again you can do that for free if you take the time and search to internet. If you must join don't pay nover $2000.

People in the phone bank/ customer service are actually interested in helping you. But there's not much they can do. If you, like us, take one expensive family vacation every year or two and you look for ways to save a few bucks for each of the different expenses associated with your travel (airfare, housing, attraction tickets), it's not for you.

to Sherry Seattle, Washington, United States #588398

I totally feel your pain! We had the very same experience except we spent hours - no exaggeration - on the phone with poorly informed and rude 'concierges' trying to book a hotel.

We tried to cancel our membership, but couldn't get anyone to return our calls until AFTER the cancellation period. THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF!!! Do not buy a membership.

Even the so called deals have restrictions which makes it very risky and the hotel properties are not as nice as they promoted. They need to be shut down!

:grin regarding Vacation Choices Travel Club. I went to the presentation and became a member since becoming a member we have taken an Alaskan Cruise at 1/3 the cost and was upgraded for free by the cruise line since being a member, we did an all inclusive for 10 days to Mexico $499.00 pp and it was fantasic and the best part WE got our gifts now what do you say about that when I read this negative stuff from people who apparently did not take advantage of the travel discuouts?

sounds like sour grapes on a few people that don't travel just hop around looking for some free stuff. Maby had they done like me and my wife who love to travel, joined they woudl have a better view of Vacation Choices.
to James Jones San Juan, San Juan Municipio, Puerto Rico #595199

We bought into the club. There is absolutely nothing Vacation Choices offered us had any value.

I was able to do better on my own when it comes to travel and every excuse they came up with why they couldn't transfer my timeshare was a provable lie. It seems odd that someone that is happy with Vacation Choices would be reading reviews on this website at all.

to James Jones #735494

You must be that SCAMMER still trying hard huh


Vacation Choices & Leisure Compass is the same company. I worked for this company as a telemarketer and probably talked to some of you on this post. And they send out 2 Round Trip Airfares, 2 Round trip Cruises, Hotel stays, ipad etc.

** This is a warning not to call the phone number on the postcard ** If you call on the phone number and you hear Vacation Choices and/or Leisure Compass hang up. I'll give you 3 reasons not to call or hang up.

1. The company looks for people who want to sell their timeshare and want to trade them in for an over priced travel club membership. Warning; don't do it, you end up paying them for your timeshare and you pay for a travel club that doesn't save money.

2. Warning; The travel club membership is not as advertised at the seminars, the price savings (travel reservation savings) sales reps promised are inaccurate. In fact, Vacation Choices & Leisure Compass reservations/ travel arrangements (in Lacey, WA) is runned by a 3rd party company in Florida and the price savings sales reps promised are exaggerated. (ie if you call the number and say your a member and want to book a vacation they will give you a different 800 number)

3. I worked at Vacation Choices / Leisure Compass and I know the scam and the truth of the company. Don't chase after fools gold and save yourself the stress.


Better Business Bureaus across the United States and Canada are warning consumers about an increase in deceptive travel-related offers by Vacation Choices.

Consumers are contacting the BBB to inquire about "too-good-to-be-true" travel deals. These offers arrive unexpectedly in consumers' mailboxes, or over the telephone, office fax machine or Internet.

Typically, the consumer is told that they have won a "free" trip and must call a number to claim their prize. Or they receive a fax at their place of business promoting an unbelievable vacation deal or other offer that looks as if it came through inter-office channels. Others were contacted by someone offering a travel club membership, allegedly worth thousand of dollars.

According to BBB experiences, some bogus promoters have been known to take consumers' money, without providing the travel or trip that was promised. Other promoters advertise rock-bottom prices, but hide certain fees until the deal is sealed. Some promise luxurious accommodations and services, but deliver far less. Still others don't reveal that the deal includes an obligation to sit through a timeshare pitch at the destination. Finally, some promoters guarantee consumers that they can get a full refund if they decide to cancel the trip, but fail to make good on their promise.

Consumers are encouraged to obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers for the lodgings, airlines and cruise ships advertised in a vacation promotion.

Fraudulent travel deals can be hard to distinguish from legitimate ones. Their intent is to lure people into buying vacations that they otherwise would not consider.

The BBB recommends that consumers get the details of the promotion in writing, including the refund and cancellation policy, before they send a check or provide credit card number information. If asked to provide a credit card or bank account number for verification or identification, the BBB says to reconsider. This information can be used to make fraudulent charges or debits to the consumer's accounts.

If you are tempted to respond to online travel solicitations, the BBB recommends that you not judge the agency solely by the appearance of its website. Online travel scams are increasing in part because it is easy to disguise your identity in cyberspace.

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