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Vacation Choices is not legal

Their LLC registration (UBI number 603110566) in Washinton State expired in May 31, 2013.

According to their LLC registration (Washington Secretary of State), they have an association with CHOICE RESORT VACATIONS LLC, * , whose address is: 120 STATE AVE NE #1417

OLYMPIA, WA 98501.

Choice Resort Vacations does not show up in the State of Washington corporation listing.

This is address is a PO Box at a private mail box company.

Their registration with Washington State Department of Revenue is also expired (same UBI).

The Washington State AG has a consent decree against Jonathan and Christine Gibbs, owners of Vacation Choices LLC, and Choices Resorts Vacations LLC plus another dozen or so “companies”.

You can view the Consent Decree at:


This explains why my logon to Vacation Choices no longer works.

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Scam, lost $7500, then to keep using it I have to pay $200 a year. Mostly old hotels and many you have to pay for in advance. The car rentals have saved me a lot of money, but not enough to cover a rental every 2 to 4 years.

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